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Photography, videos and travels. Three passions combined in one man

Profilo - Chi sono

Photographer & Reporter

Gian Paolo Vanni

I am a professional photographer with a passion for travel and videos.

I managed to combine passion and work, thanks to my personal experience as a traveler and as a photographer. A few years ago I was contacted to develop travel itineraries and to accompany groups of people all over the world. As Tour leader I started from Norway, then moved on to Iceland, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Indonesia, Alaska, Azores, Japan, Uganda, each time designing new itineraries based on my past experiences.

My travels mainly aim to get in close contact with nature and are open to everyone, not only to professional photographers, but also to those who feel the need to live an extraordinary experience. Adventure, exploration, fun and safety are the four fundamental rings of my travels, united by two colors, blue and green.

My passion is as old as I am. I grew up in the countryside and I spent endless hours observing everything that moved in the garden. Documentaries also are crucial to me, they have always fed my brain with information on everything that our planet is able to offer us .

Video Presentation

my essential with nature

Nature is as much a part of me as I am of her
It is a neverending connection.

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I was always able to travel

Each journey is a rebirth, it is like discovering a new part of oneself, one’s own needs and primordial characteristics, the blue of the sea, the green of the forest.

My father let me use his video camera for the first time at the age of 5. I remember that when I was holding it I felt like the happiest child on earth and I still have all the videos today. At school it was always a good time to record, especially during school trips. My father gifted me a video camera when I was at high school. I graduated in photography at Art High School in Empoli in 2006. Since then I have continued to give voice to my greatest passion, photography, trying to deepen the technical and artistic side.


Discover nature overseas

This was the reason for the fusion of these great passions, photography and travel

Nature and ocean, the blue and the green

Thanks to collaborations with various tour operators, I organize travels around the world, accompanying people through the discovery of Mother Nature and teaching them how to get the best results from a photo shoot.
During my travels I try to make people aware of environmental issues, in order to be all more aware of the safeguarding of our planet.

Green and blue are the main themes of all my travel itineraries. From rain forests to deserts where it never rains, from the most colorful coral reefs in the world, to the north pole. Every magical place on this planet lives thanks to the existence of the others.
“No Blue, No Green, No Water, No Life”.

This is a quote from a woman I truly respect. A marine biologist, explorer, scientist, author of many publications for the protection of the seas. This woman is Sylvia Earle

Photography holds a unique message, an unquestionable one. Being in contact with incredible creatures and remote wilderness made me understand that knowledge is the basis for everything. It is the knowledge that can bring the light in the dark.

We are all part of an enormous and complex system. My main purpose is to be able to make people aware of mother nature through my photographs and travels, which unfortunately is still under severe threat from ignorance.

Other projects

“Motivo” - Gianna Nannini ft. Coez

Lately I worked as a diver for the music video clip of Gianna Nannini, and Coez, Motivo. We shot in the Y-40 of Montegrotto terme: the deepest pool in the world.

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