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Northern Norway

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Welcome to one of the most adventurous trips, this will not only be a photo workshop to be able to capture the queen of the night, the beautiful northern lights, it will be a real journey to discover the fascinating Arctic landscape, both during the day and during the night.
The affected area will be northern Norway, a vast area where it will be possible to range from the beautiful Lyngen Alps, to the Tundra in the far North. Everything will be dictated by the laws of mother nature. Once we have identified the area of interest we will work well on that. There will be the possibility of making a trip both itinerant and more stationary depending on the area of interest. When we are in our home the time will be used to study the area well and work on the shots of the past days; groups can be both private and mixed with a maximum of six people.
The Northern Lights is a natural phenomenon that to be photographed well you need time, for this you need at least seven nights; the Arctic is a world apart, with its times, its storms and its magical days, my goal to make you live its splendor at 360°. Your journey is my priority.

Travel program


We will find ourselves directly at the airport of Tromso, collection of rental cars and overnight in the city center in the Hotel; the first phase will be to settle in and be able to visit the city of Tromso which in addition to being one of the northernmost cities in the world offers considerable photographic opportunities. Dinner and overnight in Tromso. if the weather is from ours we will be operational from the first evening to reach the most spectacular places in the Tromso area.

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After a hearty breakfast we will set off north. We will drive our cars along the coast, crossing beautiful fjords, depending on the winter period there will be different situations in terms of landscape, a combination of light and atmosphere very special and suggestive. We will make some stops along the way to admire and photograph the wonderful charm of the Lyngen Alps, the beautiful mountains overlooking the fjord that during sunny days create a completely symmetrical reflection, a fairytale landscape. We will arrive at our destination in a beautiful house in front of the fjord where we will spend two nights to be able to capture the best of the surrounding area. Once settled we will go out to shop at the super market. Afterwards we will wait for the right moment to go out and go hunting for the Northern Lights. dinner and overnight at home.


We will continue to explore the area of the Lyngen Alps, over 140 glaciers in the area of about a thousand square kilometers, where the highest mountain reaches up to 1833 meters, the Jiehkevarri, the highest peak in all of North Troms. Lyngen it is a peninsula with areas more or less exposed to the weather, glacial lakes, endless possibilities to take unique shots especially during the winter months. It will be the last night in this area, dinner and overnight at home in Spakanes, there will also be the opportunity to photograph reindeer, arctic hares, foxes and many species of birds. In the evening we will return to hunt for Aurora Boreale, if we are lucky with the tide it will be possible to take some shots on the shore of the fjord in a particular place where the reflection of the Northern Lights is created.

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This morning we will start driving heading to another island in the direction of the northern most distillery on the planet. it will be a spectacular location, excellent for taking shots where nature and human being meet creating the right atmosphere. After the accommodation in our beautiful room overlooking the fjord, there will be a little exploration of the area, and after some inspections we will return for a beautiful dinner in an excellent restaurant near our rooms. After warming up with an excellent tasting of their homemade spirits, exactly outside our room there is a spectacular location to photograph the aurora, so we can photograph the Northern Lights throughout the night.


today we will move to reach an area, completely different; the Arctic tundra, an immense flat expanse where temperatures can drop to -40 during the middle of winter.

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