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Welcome to one of the most adventurous trips of a lifetime. This will not simply be a photography workshop that will teach you how to capture the queen of the night sky – the beautiful Aurora Borealis. It will be a real journey into discovering the fascinating Arctic landscape, both during the day and during the night.
The location will be northern Norway; a vast area where it is possible to experience the huge contrasts between the majestic Lyngen Alps by the coast and areas such as the Tundra in the far north. Everything will be dictated by the laws of mother nature. Once we have identified the area of interest we will work well on that. There will be the possibility of making a trip both itinerant and more stationary depending on the area of interest. When we are in our home the time will be used to study the area well and work on the shots from the past days. The groups can be both private and mixed with a maximum of eight people.

The journey will lead you to discover unique landscapes.

The Northern Lights is a natural phenomenon that in order to be photographed well, you need time. For this you need at least seven nights; the Arctic is a sizable area, and sometimes it is difficult to predict the weather, how it affects transportation and getting around. However, my goal is to make you live the splendor of the Arctic at 360°. Your journey is my priority.
We will move by car or van, we will stay both in the hotel and in a private house. When we are in the Tundra we will go exploring with the snowmobile to look for the large herds of reindeer, to get the best pictures and a wonderful experience.

Daily Program


We will find ourselves at Tromso airport, pick up our rental cars and stay overnight in the city center at a hotel. The first phase will be to settle in and visit the city of Tromso, which in addition to being one of the northernmost cities in the world offers considerable photographic opportunities. We will then have dinner together in the evening in Tromso. If the weather is good we will head to some of the most spectacular locations to photograph the Northern Lights.

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After a hearty breakfast we will set off north. We will drive our cars along the coast, crossing beautiful fjords, depending on the winter period there will be different situations in terms of landscape – a combination of light and atmosphere that is very special and suggestive. We will make some stops along the way to admire and photograph the wonderful charm of the Lyngen Alps, the beautiful mountains overlooking the fjord that during sunny days create a completely symmetrical reflection, a fairytale landscape. We will arrive at our destination in a beautiful house in front of the Lyngen fjord where we will spend two nights to be able to capture the best of the surrounding area. Once settled we will go out to shop at the super market. Afterwards we will wait for the right moment to go out and go hunting for the Northern Lights. It will also be possible to light a fire to create the right atmosphere as a real local. Dinner and overnight at home.


We will continue to explore the region of the Lyngen Alps and it’s more than 140 glaciers, scattered across an area of about a thousand square kilometers. The highest mountain reaches up to 1833 meters, the Jiehkevarri, the highest peak in all of North Troms. Lyngen is a peninsula with areas more or less exposed to the weather, glacial lakes, endless possibilities to take unique shots – especially during the winter months. It will be the last night in this area, and we’ll have dinner and stay overnight in Spakanes. There will also be the opportunity to photograph reindeer, arctic hares, foxes and many species of birds. In the evening we will return to hunt for Northern light, and if we are lucky with the tide it will be possible to take some shots on the shore of the fjord in a particular place where the reflection of the Northern Lights is created.

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This morning we will leave the house to head further north. In the extreme Tundra we will walk along a beautiful road where, with a little luck, it will be possible to see the moose and reindeer. We will drive for about 4 hours to get to one of the most remote areas in the world. Our position will change a lot compared to the previous rounds, as we will pass from the coast to the interior of the Scandinavian peninsula, where the temperatures are much colder and the scene is completely different. The landscape will have changed dramatically, the vegetation, the light… It will be another journey. We will be very close to the border to Finland, where the vast plains will be our only landmarks. If the sky is clear, we will be ready to go out to hunt for the Northern Lights, in the beautiful Tundra. In the evening there will be dinner and overnight stay at the hotel.


The day will start early, after a rich breakfast we will go to explore the surrounding area; we are in the territory of the Sami, where people are dressed exclusively in their traditional clothes. There will be a chance to visit one of the most fascinating places I have ever seen, a journey through time that will take you to other dimensions… The details will only be revealed to those who book this journey. After which we will leave for a great adventure, we will ride our snowmobiles to reach one of the largest herd of reindeer, where it will be possible to make unique photographs. This is a true Arctic adventure that will guide you to one of the most unique experiences you can have in your life. It will be about four hours in the wild tundra, riding the snowmobile in one of the most incredible landscapes on the planet, we will make stops to admire and photograph everything that surrounds us. You will be shown the techniques to make the best reportages and storytelling. If the sky is clear, we will be ready to go out to hunt for the Northern Lights, in the beautiful Tundra, perhaps with a walk under the moonlight that illuminates the whole night landscape.
At the end of the day we will return to the hotel where those who want can have a hot sauna and a fantastic bath in the jacuzzi; in the meantime we will tell us about the past experiences during the day, and after dinner we will look at some photos taken and work on post production. Dinner and overnight stay at the hotel

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After breakfast we will start our way back to Tromso, if the weather allows we will make a short visit to the city of Alta where as a point of interest there is the cathedral of the Northern Lights. We will continue to drive south, making stops to admire the beautiful landscapes, between the highlands and fjords. We will return to sleep in the house of the previous days on the beautiful Lyngenfjord.
it will be our last night in the great north, after the journey lived together, we will try to test our limits, depending on the remaining energies we will go to make a shot that requires the effort of a walk on a difference in height of about 400 meters, where we can enjoy a beautiful view inside a lovely lodge where we can light a fire and warm up

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