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Explore Iceland is a photographic journey where the main focus is on the ice caves under the Jökulsarlón glacier. Thanks to a very expert local guide it will be possible to get to the heart of the glacier and live a unique experience by taking unprecedented photos. The southern part of the island will be explored. From the blue lagoon with its geothermal sources of hot water, where for those who wish it will be possible to warm up with a boiling bath under the sky of northern lights, to the beautiful waterfalls of Gullfoss, Hifoss and Seljalandsfoss and the spectacular diamond beach. Here it will be possible to see the incredible icebergs beached and to be able to photograph them during the changing light phases of the day, from sunset, to dawn, and perhaps even at night with the northern lights.

Travel program

Day 1

Departure from Italy and arrival in the late afternoon in the Icelandic capital Reykjavik to take the rental cars and head to the hotel. Free dinner and overnight stay in hotel.


Day 2

In the morning and after a hearty breakfast we will drive on the ring road that follows the perimeter of Iceland. We will walk along the south coast, stopping to visit the natural beauties that accompany the path, such as the Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss waterfalls, up to the beautiful Dyrholaey promontory from which you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Vik stacks and the huge expanses of sand black typical of this region of the island. We will end the day in Vik, with the opportunity to experience an unforgettable sunset.

The journey will resume from Vik and continue to arrive at the hotel near the Glacier Lagoon. Dinner and overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 3

Meeting with the local guide in the morning will explain how the day will take place on the Jokulsárlón glacier, showing how to wear the appropriate clothing for the excursion. The accesses to the entrance will be modified according to the weather and glacier conditions. The guide will lead us through glacial blue canals, to create special photographic shots. In the evening we will hunt for the northern lights near the glacial lagoon and diamond beach. Dinner and overnight stay at the hotel.


Day 4

Another day of exploration in the glacier caves. This time the entrance will be made from another entrance to see a cave different from the one visited the day before. As on the previous day, depending on the conditions of the ice, it will be possible to create unique photographic shots. We will try to reach diamond beach before sunset in order to take crazy photos of the ice blocks with the sunset light in the background. At the end of the excursion, we will return to the hotel for a little rest so that we can then be operational to go hunting for the Northern Lights and maybe be able to photograph it on the glacier lagoon, where every photographer’s dream could come true.


Day 5

This day is a reserve day in the event that the excursion of one of the two previous days will not successful due to bad weather. It is the joker-day in order to be able to complete one of the main goals of the trip. In case the previous days were successful, this day will be dedicated to exploring the east coast. Still depending on the weather, targeted stops will be made to make the most of the day. At sunset we will be ready to go hunting for the Northern Lights.

Day 6

Beginning of the return to the capital with a stop in Storamork, where we will arrive in the evening, with the possibility of observing the northern lights over the Seljalandsfoss waterfall.


Day 7

Arrival to the capital Reykjavik for lunch so as to spend some time in the Icelandic town. During the afternoon it will be possible to visit some points of interest nearby, such as Lake Myvatn. Free dinner and overnight at the hotel in Reykjavik.

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