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Norway experience is a journey designed and focused on the sighting of killer whales, humpback whales and the northern lights.
It takes place in October, November, December and January because it is at this time of year that it is possible to observe the nutritional habits of the killer whales and humpback whales who often collaborate in this period to hunt the schools of arigas. It will be possible to capture an unprecedented scenario on board a private boat. For the boldest it will also be possible to enter the water and do snorkeling to see and photograph the killer whales and humpback whales in their own element, observing their hunting strategies to feed on their favorite fish.
During the winter, temperatures in Norway can, on average, range from -5Β°C up to -20Β°C. As such, due to the cold and high humidity, you will need warm clothes in order to be able to stay outside in the boat and to go out in the evening to see the northern lights. Norwegians recommend pure wool as the first base layer, and then layer other cold-isolating garments accordingly. For those wishing to try the experience of entering the water to have a close encounter with the animals, it is possible to do it with a drysuit and a 400 gram suit, or even with a 8-9 mm wetsuit, 5 mm gloves and boots.
Everyday, there will be a daily 4/5 hour outing (from sunrise to sunset, therefore from about 9am to 2pm). The lights game will be incredible for all photography lovers. Maximum attention is required though, since during eating, the chances of seeing humpback whales come out almost completely from the water to eat herring, or see them jump giving an exciting show, are very high. Humpback whales are also very curious animals so they often come to snoop near the boat, leaving their bodies halfway from the surface. This behavior is called spy hopping.

At the end of each sea trip there will be plenty of time to rest and eat something before hunting for the Northern Lights. Thanks to the rental cars it will be possible to reach incredible landscapes that will be the backdrop for night photos. To photograph the Northern Lights it is mandatory to bring a tripod, in addition to a good reflex and a bright lens.

Travel program

day 1

Departure from Italy to Tromso. Upon arrival we will rent 2 cars and spend the night in the Hotel in Tromso, where from the first evening it will be possible to go hunting for the Northern Lights.

aurora boreale

day 2

Transfer by car to Skjervoy, about 4 hours away.

Arrival and accommodation in the apartment, the same evening out to photograph the Northern Lights.
The apartment will be equipped with a kitchen so it will be possible to shop and eat independently, without going to the restaurant.

day 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 -7

Departure early in the morning, the private boat will wait for us at 9 at the port of Skjervoy to begin the adventure. Welcome briefing. During navigation we will be in constant search for killer whales and Humpback whales. Snorkeling will also be possible. At the end of the day, just before the sun starts to set, we will return to the port to resume our vehicles and return to our apartment. After having rested and having eaten something we will go hunting for the Northern Lights.

day 8

In the morning we will leave our apartment to return to Tromso, where we will spend the night in the hotel.

mare - wild-life-16

day 9

In the morning we head to the airport where we will leave our cars and take the return flight according to the operators.

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Hola! My name is Zhibek, I am from Kazakhstan it’s located in Central Asia, I have a dream going out with whales one day 😁, now I really want to visit Norway/Tromso and going with you guys whale watching 😁

Gian Paolo Vanni

Hi Zhibek, nice to hear from you. Please have a look about my travel program, and you will realize your dream. I advise you not to wait long, I only have a few spot available for November 2022.
please send your request at my e-mail, info@gianpaolovanni.it

thank you!

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