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The main focus of this unforgettable experience is the sighting of the majestic Jaguars in their natural habitat, the Pantanal. This immense alluvial plain extends for about 230,000 km2, covering parts of Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay. In addition to the Jaguars, the absolute protagonists of the trip, it will be possible to spot other incredible animal species, including capybaras, caimans, monkeys, pumas and tapirs, over 600 species of birds and many species of fish, including the feared piraña.
The tour will depart from the airport or from the Cuiabà hotel. It is advisable to arrive early in the morning, no later than 11.00. An early arrival is preferable, the transfer from Cuiabà to Poconé takes about an hour and a half (100 km). From the Pantanal “capital”, Poconè, born 230 years ago thanks to a gold rush that is not over yet, as evidenced by the mountains of earth sifted by hand by prospectors. The itinerary will continue on the Transpantaneira for 147 km towards Porte Jofre. Since it is a dirt road, the drive will take about 3.5-4 hours. During the journey on the Transpantaneira 122 bridges will be crossed along a completely flat landscape; most of which are still wooden (in 2016 the government started replacing some of the bridges with new concrete bridges). During the whole journey it will be possible to see many wild animals and particular bird species as the Transpantaneira road runs through the heart of the Pantanal. With a little luck it will be possible to see animals such as the giant anteater, or not impossible, the Jaguar, the feline with the most powerful bite in the world.

Travel program

Day 1

departure from Italy according to operational, final destination Cuiabà, where our journey will begin. Free time in Cuiabà, overnight at the hotel.


Day 2

we will leave at the end of the morning to start the road that will take us on the Transpantaneira, a straight road of about 145 km. Already along this route it will be possible to see many animal species, like a real African safari. We will arrive at our lodge in the afternoon, where we will make our first excursion during sunset on a small boat in a spectacular bay full of flora and fauna.

Day 3

Search for the giant anteater at dawn, return to the lodge for breakfast and immediately leave for a safari in the forest to see different animal species, such as monkeys, hyacinth macaws, and other birds. Lunch and departure for Porto Jofre making stops to photograph animals along the transpantaneira. Once in Porto, we will have a briefing to introduce the activities of the following days. It will also be possible to make a small exploration of the surrounding place during sunset near a small lake very rich in flora and fauna. Dinner and overnight in a lodge.

Day 4/7

After breakfast, a full day of safari awaits us in search of the jaguar and other animal species on the Cuiaba river and its tributaries on board our boat. Lunch will be a sack to spend as much time as possible on the river and have sensational encounters with mother nature. Return at sunset, dinner and overnight in the Lodge.


Day 8

Boat safari in the morning until 11.00, return for lunch and immediate departure for our next lodge, where we will arrive before sunset to explore another part of the river rich in many species of birds that are always on the hunt for their favorite prey , river fish. Dinner and overnight at the Lodge.

Day 9

In the morning we will take a boat safari of about two hours on the Rio Claro to photograph some species of birds that populate these waters, for 10.30 am immediate departure for Bom Jardim, we will make a short stop for lunch in Cuiabà to arrive in time and enjoy a photo safari at sunset to photograph the yellow-blue macaws. Journey of about four hours. Dinner and overnight.


This morning a special snorkeling awaits us in the crystal clear waters of Rio Salobra, an incredible aquatic refuge for many animal species. Arm yourself with Gopro because it will be one of the most absurd experiences you have ever lived; later we will leave for a photographic tour in the forest. In the afternoon, around 16.00 / 17.00 visit to Lagoa das Araras where it will be possible to photograph the yellow-blue macaws. Return to the Posada after sunset, dinner and overnight stay.


DAY 11

Morning dedicated to our last snorkeling in another amazing location, the Encantado Aquarium, we will have all the time to explore it and to take unique photos. Lunch, and departure towards Cuiabà where the same evening we will take our flight back home.

* Possibility of extending the trip with a minimum of three participants to go diving with the largest reptile in the world, the anaconda.

*Possibility of extending the trip with a minimum of four participants for a five-day tour to photograph the rare birds of the Amazon such as the royal flycatcher and many other endemic and colorful species such as the wonderful and eccentric rock rooster from Guyana.

* Possibility of extending the trip with a minimum of four participants to explore the Atlantic rainforest for a photographic safari of primates such as the Tamarino Leone D’Oro.po at sunset, dinner and overnight.

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