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28th August - 5th September 2024



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A special journey to discover these remote islands located less than a thousand km from the North Pole. The islands form an archipelago in the Arctic Ocean, located between 74 ° and 81 ° north and between 10 ° and 34 ° east. They are the northernmost part of Norway, and the northernmost inhabited lands on the planet. During the summer, it is possible to navigate to places where during the rest of the year, due to the completely iced polar cap, it is practically unthinkable to venture. The journey will take place aboard a fantastic sailing boat, where it will be possible to experience this 100% uncontaminated place. The trip will take place on board a fantastic sailing boat, where it will be possible to experience this unspoilt place one hundred per cent. The goal is to live a unique experience, looking for breathtaking landscapes and fauna, from the glaciers plunging into the sea, to the colonies of walruses, to the fascinating puffin, the arctic fox, whales, orcas, beluga , narwhals and finally to the majestic polar bear.

The sailboat, small and agile hull, houses 5 double cabins with services for a total of 10 people. The trip is assisted by expert guides in Italian, overnight stay in a hotel in Longyearbyen, and full board on board and a program of daily shore excursions to discover the most, suggestive and remote areas of this fantastic archipelago.

Daily Program

DAY 1 - 27th August

Arrive to the final destination, Longyarbyen, Svalbard Islands.

Free time during the day, Dinner all together, meeting new friends.


Day 2 \ 10 - from 28th August to 5th September

Today is te day, embark on our beautiful arctic sailing boat.
Make yourself at ease, we are setting sail for the wonderful world of Svalbard. Before leaving for our expedition, there will be time for a walk in the small town, for any purchases.
The sailboat will leave the port of Longyearbyen in a northerly direction at approximately 2pm; we will start embark around 12 pm, the captain with his welcome briefing will give us all the directives to become familiar with what will be our home for the next few days. Lunch on board before start sailing. We will sail towards the north of the archipelago, with a program that will be dictated by weather and sea conditions. With the assistance of an expert guide we will try to spot as many polar bears as possible (the main interest of any trip to these beautiful islands) as well as whales, walruses, seals, reindeer and foxes, and of course the beautiful sceneries of Svalbard. Always depending on the weather conditions, we will try to make one or two shore excursions a day for beautiful and short treks with the supervision of the armed guide, on terrain which is always a bit bumpy since there are no marked trails.
(In the Svalbard islands it is illegal to leave inhabited centers without the possession of a firearm, in case there are polar bears nearby it is mandatory to be equipped with a rifle in order to drive away any dangers.)
The return to the port is usually expected during the evening, we will spend the last night (with the midnight sun) at sea or in the port depending on our needs and the weather. On 28th, after breakfast we will leave our beloved sailing boat around 12 noon after breakfast, transfer to the airport or to the hotel.

Feel free to spend more time in longyearbyen to metabolize the wonderful journey you just made it. Believe me, you need it!

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