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The FINE ART print is the true essence of photography, the end of a job, the concretisation of an idea, of a dream.

A fine art print is a handcrafted process in which each file is individually evaluated and processed. The use of natural pigment inks on museum paper gives a very high quality result to the print, making it authentic and extremely elegant looking. It is a long and extremely detailed process, that’s why all my works are printed in a certified laboratory, Epson digigraphie, which is not far from my photographic studio in the heart of Tuscany, in San Miniato.

The paper chosen for my shots is the Verona Smooth Ultra White paper, a Fine Art excellence characterised by a smooth matt finish, which gives it a soft and silky touch. This feature, combined with its felt-pressed, lightly textured surface gifts every print of an incredible depth and a three-dimensional appearance. It is a paper with no optical brighteners, which guarantees a high quality result for both coloured and black and white prints.

Moreover, the pigments’ absorption of this paper is excellently controlled, which makes it perfect both for exhibitions and limited series selling. It is no coincidence that it is one of the papers with the highest degree of sharpness and richness of fine detail.

The first rule to remember when buying a Fine Art print is that the beauty of the paper surface must be seen and that’s why you need to mount your print first on a rigid support, if you want it to be exhibited or you want just to hang it on the wall. Then you can decide either to add a frame or leave it like that and, in case you go for the frame, you can still choose whether to add a glass on top or not. This chance is given by the rigid support, which holds up the print even without a glass in front of it yet, despite this, hanging a print without a glass exposes it to unknown dangers. The choice is up to you.