November 4-12, 2022



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This expedition combines experience and adventure and I couldn’t be readier to go. After seven winters spent in Northern Norway, observing whales and killer whales feeding on herring, I felt the need to propose a real expedition,something beyond a standard trip, an experience that could bring people closer to having a deep connection with mother nature. That is why I designed a journey entirely in the fjords, so as to be in close contact with the great cetaceans. They will guide and will lead us to some of the most fascinating areas of the entire Western Arctic, we will wake up and fall asleep listening to their breath, and then, at the right time, we’ll go into the water to watch the big show. If you thought you saw everything in life, believe me, seeing the northern lights directly from the fjord, with the moon illuminating the snowy landscape, with whales and their fascinating songs around us, it will not seem true, because even dreams can not give such great emotions. For those who want, it will be possible to do snorkeling with orcas and whales; I will be at your side at all times, to show you and tell you the magic behind every single action of mother nature.

Travel program


Departure from Italy according to operationals. Arrival in Troms, the northernmost city in the world, seriously one of a kind. A taxi will take us to the hotel in about 15 minutes. Depending on the arrival time, there might be free time to explore the city on your own. Free dinner and then hunt for the Northern lights directly from the port of the old town. Overnight at the hotel.


DAY 2/7 - 5/10 NOVEMBER

Hotel check-out and then pit stop at the diving center in Tromso to get all the necessary snorkeling equipment for those who might need it. It will be essential to try the dry diving-suit before boarding to avoid unpleasant unforeseen events. Late morning embark on boat, welcome briefing and accommodation in the cabin. Each cabin has its own private bathroom, with unlimited hot water. The sail will begin in the afternoon and will take us to the areas most crowded of the great cetaceans. During the whole time on the boat our goal will be to look and see killer whales and humpback whales, which at this time of year usually swim the waters hunting for their favorite food: herrings. The itinerary will be dictated by the animals’ marine activity, which we will monitor through our on-board computers, waiting for the large fishing boats to signal us the eating moment.
We will be explained all the killer whales’ various hunting strategies, also called sea wolves, because, like wolves, they like to hunt in groups. Orca pods are real family units, in which each subject has its own role. Observing all this, above and below the surface of the water, is priceless. If we are lucky with the weather, it will be possible to see the Northern Lights directly from our sailboat. The overnight will be in the boat with full board but it’s also possible to go ashore for a pleasant walk, or to go buying anything you might need.


Last day to see killer whales and whales. The sail towards Tromso will start around 12:00, the arrival is in the evening. Once disembarked, hotel accommodation, free dinner and overnight at the hotel.

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Departure after breakfast to go to the airport.

Goodbye Norway.

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