Photographer & Reporter

Who I am

A deep passion for nature and photography is what drives me to explore the world, both physically and emotionally

Gian Paolo Vanni

I am a young Italian photographer and video maker with a deep passion for natural landscapes and wildlife.

My works mostly focus on conservation and environmental issues.

Photography holds a unique message, an unquestionable one. Being in contact with incredible creatures and remote wilderness made me understand what Miss Jane Goddal once said: ” Asking ourselves if scimpanze, elephants, dogs, dolphins and so on, would feel pain, rage, frustration, happiness is just a waste of time – as these are all so obvious to anybody who has ever experimented animal knowledge”.

Learning is one of the most important aspects in life and by learning from animals, especially those with a complex social behavior, I believe many questions can raise regarding their use in the entertainment, food, and research industries.

We are all part of an enormous and complex system and with my shoots I aim to show this fundamental connection.

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My own designed travels


Each journey is a rebirth, it is like discovering a new part of oneself, one’s own needs and primordial characteristics.

Thanks to collaborations with various tour operators, I organize travels around the world, accompanying people through the discovery of Mother Nature and teaching them how to get the best results from a photo shoot.

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A selection of my best shoots split by category.