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This trip is for all lovers of wild nature; for those looking for strong emotions, where it is possible to observe an infinite amount of living beings. You will be electrocuted by the sounds, smells and colors that your senses will be able to capture. A rich and complete road trip is the best way to enjoy the experience of this incredible country. One of the highlights of this trip is the Bwindi National Park and its impenetrable forest where we can stay in close contact with the fascinating mountain gorillas for a few hours. In fact, it is a special tour that will allow you to stay with these fantastic primates for an extended time instead of the classic hour. My personal experience on location has allowed me to develop a program to make it one of the most spectacular trips ever.

Travel program

Day 01

Departure from Italy, destination Entebbe, where we will be welcomed by our local guide and then transferred to the hotel. Overnight at the hotel in Entebbe.


Day 02

After breakfast our adventure in Uganda will begin, heading north-west towards the city of Masindi and the conservation area Murchison Falls, the largest in Uganda, which offers beautiful savannah landscapes. The first experience of meeting animals will be a walk in the Ziwa reserve, a conservation project that has brought rare white rhinos back to Uganda. We will have the opportunity to walk alongside these huge mammals in their natural environment. Lunch in a restaurant. Immediately afterwards we will enter the Murchison falls National Park.

Arrival in the evening at the Lodge for dinner and overnight at the Pakuba lodge. Full board.

Note: the daily transfer takes about 6 hours, some of which on dirt roads in the park.

Day 03

Early in the morning, after breakfast, we will leave for a photographic safari. It will be possible to meet lions, giraffes, elephants, buffaloes, numerous species of antelopes and colorful species of birds that populate the park. We will reach the Nile delta, in Lake Alberto, among pieces of savannah that are difficult to forget. Return to the Lodge for lunch.
After lunch another photo excursion, this time by boat. We will go up the Nile, until we almost reach the base of the falls. There will be many animal species that we can observe along the way, including hippos, crocodiles, giraffes, elephants, antelopes, and numerous species of birds. To enjoy a crazy view, we will continue the hike to the
“Top of the Falls”, the top of the falls, where the Nile narrows into a narrow 7-meter gorge before making a 43-meter jump down into the Albertine rift valley and creating a deafening roar and a series of enchanting sprays and rainbows . Return to the Lodge for dinner and overnight. Pakuba lodge; full board.

Day 04

After breakfast we will leave the national park in a south-west direction along the escarpment of Lake Alberto and the Rift Valley, with breathtaking panoramic scenery. We will pass through Hoima, the capital of the kingdom of Bunyoro, one of the oldest civilizations in Uganda. We will stop for a cup of coffee along the way and arrive in Fort Portal, the capital of the kingdom of Taurus, which is located in the shadow of the Rwenzori mountains, the largest mountain range in Africa. Dinner and overnight in a lodge. Full board.

NOTE: The transfer takes about 7/8 hours by car on a dirt road and the conditions are variable according to the rainfalls.


Day 05

The day begins with a nature walk in the Kibale forest, to discover the tropical rain forest. We will observe the fauna but above all the various species of birds that populate these pristine places and it will also be possible to meet the chimpanzees in their natural environment. Other firsts that we will be able to see are the black and white Colobus, the red thing monkey and the velvet monkey. Those who want can taste the typical Ugandan cuisine for lunch. After lunch, visit the Bigodi eco-tourist site for a walk in the wild. In the evening transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park. Dinner and overnight in a lodge, full board.

Day 06

Departure early in the morning for a photo safari along the northern paths of the park towards Lake George and Kansenyi where there will be the opportunity to spot lions, the rare leopard, herds of elephants and buffaloes, the spotted hyena, the Ugandan cobi. The park enjoys beautiful scenery including the crater lakes and the scenic spots of the Albertine Rift Valley. Return for lunch. The other activity of the day is the special boat excursion on the Kazinga natural canal along the Mweya peninsula where you can see numerous animals that go to drink on the banks, in addition to an exceptional concentration of birds. In the evening at sunset it will be possible to make another photographic safari, to have the chance for some special meeting, exploring the southern part of the park, Ishasha, a vast savannah between the Ishahsa and Ntungwe rivers. Dinner and overnight in the lodge. Full board.

Day 7

After breakfast, the journey continues to the tropical rain forests which are the natural habitat for mountain gorillas, unfortunately endangered due to poaching. Lunch on the way. Once we reach the Bwindi park we will enjoy the sunset in the forest. Dinner and overnight stay in the Lodge. Full board.

NOTE: The transfer can last up to 5 hours and depends on the conditions of the road and the place where the gorillas are assigned permits. The choice of the gorilla area depends on the availability of permits.


Day 8

We will first enter the tropical rainforest of Bwindi to start our incredible day with the gorilla Habituation. At 8 in the morning we will follow the rangers in groups of maximum 4 people, we will search for the gorilla family among the dense vegetation and we will have 4 hours to observe and make some important shots of these incredible primates. At the beginning of this magical adventure it will be necessary to bring the porter with us, a local person at our disposal to bring our backpack, sack lunch, water etc. This is essential for two reasons: first of all to find gorillas it may be necessary to walk for a long time, moreover ascents and descents can be a little demanding for which less weight we have and the better our experience will be. Secondly, porters are people who thanks to gorilla tourism protect the surrounding nature, personally I did it and it was a great idea. A modest symbolic tip can be a nice gesture for nature and for the people who take care of us.

Dinner and overnight in a lodge.

Day 9

Transfer to Lake Mburo, the smallest of the Uganda national parks. Lunch on the way. As soon as we arrive there will be a beautiful scenery awaiting us: antelopes, impalas, buffaloes, zebras and many other animals. Dinner and overnight in the lodge. Full board.

Day 10

Last safari and for those who want a beautiful guided walk in the park. After lunch the return to Entebbe to take our return flight to Italy.


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